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  • Detroit's Ghost Signs

    Painted, brick advertisements appear across the city as construction and renovations take place.
  • Detroit Anthology Locations

    Locations gathered based on the content, writings, and stories included in the A Detroit Anthology from Belt Publishing edited by Anna Clark.
  • Mapping Slavery in Detroit

    The existence of slavery in the city of Detroit and its surrounding areas is a topic that has yet to be thoroughly researched and explained. In fact, current public portrayals...
  • Detroit Churches 2011

    List organizations that offer religious services in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Data table includes the name and address of contacts and religious affiliation. Data may not...
  • Literary Tour of Detroit

    Detroit may be best known for cars and music, but the Motor City has a rich literary history that's worthy of exploration. From Broadside Press to Pulitzer Prize-winning authors...