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  • allied-media-projects

    Allied Media Projects

    Allied Media Projects (AMP) cultivates media for liberation. Our media...

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  • arise-detroit

    Arise Detroit

    Our mission is to launch a new wave of volunteerism for the many worthwhile...

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  • axios-detroit

    Axios Detroit

    Smart, efficient news worthy of your time, attention, and trust.

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  • build-institute

    BUILD Institute

    BUILD was started in January 2012 as a program of D:hive, a welcome center...

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  • bedrock


    Bedrock is a full service commercial real estate firm based in downtown...

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  • black-bottom-archives

    Black Bottom Archives

    Black Bottom Archives (BBA) is a community-driven media platform dedicated to...

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  • black-family-development

    Black Family Development

    Black Family Development, Inc. (BFDI) is a private, non-profit comprehensive...

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  • bridge-detroit

    Bridge Detroit

    Original, community-driven reporting, information and analysis from Detroit's...

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  • brush-park-cdc

    Brush Park CDC

    Our organization began as the Brush Park Citizen's District Council, an City...

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  • city-institute

    City Institute

    Formerly housed at D:hive and formerly named Detroit Experience Factory, City...

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  • city-of-detroit

    City of Detroit

    Detroit is the largest city in the State of Michigan. Speramus meliora;...

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  • city-of-hamtramck

    City of Hamtramck

    Hamtramck is mostly surrounded by Detroit except a small common border with...

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  • city-of-highland-park

    City of Highland Park

    Highland Park is a city in Wayne County in the U.S. state of Michigan. An...

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  • college-for-creative-studies

    College for Creative Studies

    The College for Creative Studies (CCS) is a nonprofit, private college...

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  • community-development-advocates-of-detroit

    Community Development Advocates of Detroit

    As the leading voice in the city, we’ve empowered nonprofits, residents, and...

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  • crains-detroit

    Crains Detroit

    Crain Communications Inc is an American multi-industry publishing...

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  • detroitography


    Events past and present have shaped Detroit’s geography, and our perceptions...

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  • dte-energy

    DTE Energy

    DTE Energy (formerly Detroit Edison until 1996) is a Detroit-based...

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  • data-driven-detroit

    Data Driven Detroit

    We collect, analyze, interpret, and share high-quality data to drive informed...

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  • design-core-detroit

    Design Core Detroit

    Formerly Detroit Design Festival, Design Core Detroit champions design-driven...

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